So I have been meaning to create a blog or website about Maths for two years. I even went as far as buying ‘Web design all in one for dummies’; I read about 6 pages and it has since been sold on. But recently, I discovered a whole host of teachers and mathematicians sharing their knowledge, thoughts, experiences and resources through blogs, and I decided that it was about time that I took the plunge and joined in.

I am David Adamson, a Maths teacher, footballer, rugby player, cyclist,  photographer and Superhero (to some). A brief tussle with cancer has meant that I have taken a long and winding path to becoming a Maths teacher, but it has given me the time to source some new and exciting lesson ideas, many of which I have tried and tested and would now love to share. I hope that being back in the classroom full time will only increase the pool of resources I’d love to share.

I’m not a ‘shouty’ teacher (I find myself laughing at myself if I do shout), and I’m not a scary teacher (I don’t think). I believe in building relationships through praise and rewards, and in my short teaching career in Inner London, this appears to be working. I am not a man of many words and would rather kids learn by ‘doing’ instead of having to listen to me lecture for an entire lesson.

So if like me, you hate teaching from a textbook (although I admit that it is sometimes necessary), then maybe I can occasionally do some of the leg work for you and present you with innovative, interactive Maths lessons for your classes, through this blog.

I hope that you find some things useful for your teaching and any feedback would be great; if you use anything let me know how it goes.

Welcome to L1v1n9byNum63r5…


About daveadamson

A cancer-fighting, maths loving teacher in London

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