When I was at university, I fought and fought against following the masses and creating a Facebook for myself. I caved.

But since then I have embraced social networking as much as possible, in particular Twitter. Initially, like many people I was just following ‘celebrities’, mainly rugby players so I could keep up to date with my team, Leeds Rhinos. But lately I have discovered a whole host of like-minded mathematicians all using Twitter and sharing resources, and naturally the purpose of Twitter has changed for me.

A lot of us don’t have the time to make resources from scratch, and often just adapt something that has been created already in some format. Following people on Twitter has opened up many new fantastic resources and blogs, available to use and share. One of many such blogs I have found lately is www.ilovemathsgames.wordpress.com, and I have recently been catching up on all the previous gems the author has written this year. It goes without saying that I am also following @ilovemathsgames on twitter.

While reading this blog I stumbled upon a blog about Twitter and found this video, which inspired me to begin my own blog and share my ideas with the teaching world.

I didn’t make this video but watching it inspired me to find out how to make my own, and I am excited to incorporate them into my lessons next year.

The primary purpose of Twitter for me is finding new and exciting ideas, but the secondary purpose is to keep in touch with my pupils. My Twitter account is set up through my school and I have asked my KS4 pupils to ‘follow’ me so that I can post revision tips, reminders about equipment or exams, videos and puzzles…. anything I can find to get them interested in Maths.

So if you’re up for it, join Twitter and start following. You can even follow me…



About daveadamson

A cancer-fighting, maths loving teacher in London

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