At the beginning of last year I introduced the Math’s Computer Club to my school. I was surprised by how much it took off.

The idea:

Maths Computer Club was started as a way to get Year 7 and 8 pupils playing Maths games. Lots of my pupils talk about COD and numerous other games and how addicted they are, what rank they have reached. I too have played on these games, and as a gamer you don’t give up, you die and then just start again, you persevere until you succeed. Although Maths games aren’t as exciting as COD, I wanted pupils to experience this playing Maths games. There are so many websites that have invented Maths games, some of my favourites being

One of my favourites is Bidmas Blasters from Manga High. Bidmas Blasters is perfect for pupils who need to practice their basic arithmetic. The gamer needs to answer sums correctly to ‘blast’ the oncoming robots. At the end of each level they are able to upgrade weapons and buy new ammo.



There are all sorts of different challenges and games available with Manga High and Sumdog being the most obviously mathematical with others testing logic and strategy.

As I would like to know if Maths Computer Club is making a difference, I keep a weekly register of those who attend (its not compulsory), along with their target grades. Following their December assessments I can see how the pupils that attend regularly are progressing towards their target. Fingers crossed it is making a positive difference.

Why not give it a try while its cold outside, start something in the New Year and you can get pupils inside playing on Maths Games. If you know of any other websites with Maths Games, please send me a link to them so that we can try them out in the New Year.


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  1. Agree with those – but what about Nrich? Not quite so ‘game like’ perhaps as Manga High & Sumdog but still excellent. My own favourite games here including lots from Nrich,
    Happy Christmas!

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